Weekly Roundup 15

Weekly Roundup 15 — Roska Logo, GiveUpArt

A look at our highlights from this week, including Ben Arfur's posi 'GOOD WORLD' design, Lovegrove's belated campaign against '80s NYC mayor Ed Koch, and UK Funky pioneer Roska's classic logo designed by GiveUpArt.

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Paul Camo Roberts


Exclusively designed for London based production company, CHILD.

Aron Nicholds


If you answered yes to one or more, don't delay – you need this tee.

Casper Wain


Casper says, "It's a cracking deal. I think" and we think so too. Seal the deal here.

James Jirat Patradoon


The very first release from James's new banner, Axom. You don't wanna miss it.



A forefather of UK Funky and "various, mutated strains of bass-heavy club music", this logo designed by GiveUpArt is almost as iconic as Roska's sound, or his repeating "Roska, Roska, Roska..." that anyone familiar with his music will know. Grab his logo tee here.

Ben Arfur


Celebrating the good in the world. Proceeds go to SkatePal – helping the youth of Palestine to get involved in skateboarding.



Ed Koch was the mayor of NYC in the early '80s. He declared a war against graffiti. This tee fights back, albeit retrospectively.

Get To Know – Tim Easley


"I think one of my favourite things I've done in the last few years was the basketball that I doodled on for Nike. I was totally dreading it because the texture of the ball makes it really hard to draw on. I was worried I'd end up slicing through it with a samurai sword and spitting on its grave, but it ended up being one of my favourite pieces."

Read the full interview with Tim Easley on our blog.

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