Steve Mason x Everpress

Steve Mason x Everpress — Steve Mason ran a number of Everpress campaigns featuring illustratons by Olivia Bullock


We spoke to Chris Butler, artist manager for musicians such as Steve Mason, Kim Ann Foxman and Polish signer Brodka. He founded and ran Whitenoise Promotions from 1993 until 2006 where he promoted big names such as Portishead, Massive Attack, Underworld and Primal Scream.

Made a loss selling merchandise the traditional way

Chris originally sold merchandise at live shows for artists on his roster and through the record label store, Domino Mart. He spent a lot of money and often ended up with half of the order as dead stock.

We printed loads of t-shirts in the wrong sizes and the wrong colours, it’s just an extra stress in the modern music industry that you don’t need and totally put us off doing merch for a few years.

Everpress removes the guesswork and risk of dead stock

According to Chris, “Everpress cuts all the guesswork out. You don’t have to think about it. Without any shadow of a doubt it’s better for it to just come in as pure profit with no risk.

— Steve Mason's third Everpress campaign, "Meet the Humans #3"

Used Everpress to coincide with musician Steve Mason’s UK tour

The first Everpress campaign was promoted through Steve Mason’s social channels and website and orders started coming in immediately. His posts created a lot of buzz and hype online with lots of fans commenting and sharing the t-shirt.

— The campaigns were promoted directly from Steve's website and through social posts

Created a series of limited run campaigns

The Initial campaign was so successful that they ran a series featuring variations of the first design. Each campaign was exclusively online for a 21 day period to create a sense of urgency and increase sales.

According to Chris, “Everpress is a far more efficient way of selling merch - we’ve already planned the next campaigns with another artist I manage, KimAnn Foxman.

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