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Screen Printing — A quick overview of the screen printing process


There is a certain romance about screen printing. Rooted in ancient Chinese techniques it dates back 1,000 years, but it wasn’t until the rise of Pop art in the 60s that the medium really took flight. We like the physicality of the process - it gives it a distinct aesthetic and artisanal appeal.

Walk into our bustling production house and you’ll be in the company of people that are passionate about their craft. We think it’s important that the design you took time to perfect is in the best possible hands. Our highly skilled team handle every stage of the process with immense care, and take personal pride in the prints they make. We thought you’d like to get behind the scenes and learn more about our process:

Preparing the screens

For those of you who are completely new to this, a screen is a super fine mesh stretched over a metal frame. The shelves of our workspace are packed with them. It all begins with your design being transferred to the screen. A light sensitive emulsion is applied to the screen and exposed to your design. The emulsion stays soft where the design blocks the light and hardens in the areas around it. Next we get the hose out and spray the soft emulsion away leaving the area of your design clear, crisp and ready for printing – it’s a start of something new.

Mixing the colours and setting up the press

Mixing the inks is a nuanced business, it calls for a true understanding of the chemistry behind colour – we always take our time and do it by hand. The secret to making a striking print is using well mixed, vibrant colours. Our experts can match any colour you want.


Before we get down to it, we fix your t-shirt in place, position your screen and register your design, all crucial steps that require a keen eye and real precision. Now for our favourite part: using a squeegee to press the ink through the mesh onto your t-shirt. To create flawless prints you need strong, steady hands and perfect technique, somehow our guys manage to make it look easy.

When the final result is in your hands you can really see the quality created by all this time and effort. The prints are always an impeccable showcase for the incredible artists we collaborate with. There’s no wonder there’s still romance to screen printing.

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