Max Cooper x Everpress

Max Cooper x Everpress — DJ Max Cooper's t-shirt campaign was used to coincide with his 'Emergence' live shows


We chatted to James Bullock of The Wild Seeds, artist manager for DJ's such as Max Cooper, Derrick Carter and many more.

Used print on demand, but found it wasn’t a great fit

According to James, “We used a print on demand service but the sales were fairly insignificant, the print quality not as good, and because each item was printed on demand the profits were substantially lower.

Switched to Everpress and found the process really easy

It was the fact we could meet up and you could say this is what the t-shirt looks & feels like. And then you just made it really easy. We just got the design, sent it to you and that was it. It was absolutely flawless. My experience of this campaign was really easy - and that is all I ask for - we made money and we pleased fans.

— Max Cooper's Everpress campaign page

Queueing up at the Post Office sucks

By selling through Everpress James and his team didn’t have to worry about fulfilment, “I just said that I’m not the guy who’s going to be standing in line at the post office every other day and looking through it and like oh that’s a size small, that’s a medium… that’s not a good use of my time.

Tested their market with no risk

The cool thing with Everpress is that we were able to test our market without any costs at all. We promoted the campaign on our social channels and email list, and generated over 10 times profit on what we invested​. Using Everpress we’ve proved now that there is demand.

— In addition to an email newsletter they promoted the campaign through Facebook boosted posts

Loved the short term nature of the campaigns

I really like the short run element of Everpress. And I think there’s something intrinsic in the buying of music - to collecting and sharing it socially - wearing a t-shirt to publicly declare our affection for an artist and affinity with a tribe is highly appropriate. It’s really cool to do a 30 day campaign because the project manageable and concentrated for the audience.

Everpress is building his database

I love to know the locations of the buyers and where they are and who they are. Everyone wants stats and figures. In music that’s becoming more and more important. We can sell 200 t-shirts for you and you’ll know where those people are.

— Live sales stats are shown in the campaign dashboard with the ability to export customer data

Fans feel more ownership

According to James, “I'm motivated to create wearable products because people become a better type of fan when they’re wearing a t-shirt -  they feel more ownership of the artist's vision and invest in their work. Of course a t-shirt is an advert, but from my personal experience I’m proud to wear the band that I’ve discovered.​

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