11 of Our Favourite Fundraiser T-shirts

A T-shirt charity fundraiser tends to serve two important purposes. Not only do they help raise vital funds, but they’ll spread a message too, bringing word of the cause to a new audience. Here we list 11 of our favourite charity T-shirt designs. Highlighting some of the best charity T-shirt designs made and sold on Everpress so far.

Inspiration — 2 years ago

Process: Travis Kane

We caught up with designer Travis Kane, one of our Type In Focus line-up, for a chat about his influences, inspiration and L.A. street signs.

Inspiration — 2 years ago

12 of Our All-Time Favourite Long Sleeve T-Shirts

As Autumn draws in, there’s no better time to sing the praises of the long sleeve graphic tee. From music institution Worldwide FM, to illustrator Jor Ros, to cult artist Claire Barrow, we've rounded up 12 of our favourite Everpress designs.

Inspiration — 3 years ago

7 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Know in 2019

As recently as ten, or even five, years ago, the phrase ‘sustainable clothing brands’ would have conjured up images of faded T-shirts and baggy hemp trousers. Sustainability was still a niche consideration in fashion, and few mainstream designers were making it a priority. 

Inspiration — 3 years ago

Our 20 favourite T-shirt designs: Winter

Having reviewed 2018 through a list of 31 of our favourite designs featuring established names like Ben Arfur, Jacob Wise and Joy Miessi (alongside a bright bunch of talented newcomers), we now cast our eye to a fresh selection of 20 designs that launched on our platform in the first quarter of 2019.

Inspiration — 3 years ago

Process: HEY Studio

Ahead of International Women's Day, HEY Studio's founder and creative director, Verònica Fuerte talks us through her creative process.

Insights — 3 years ago

Process: Kelly Anna

Everyone has a process, from artists to designers, musicians to record labels; this process is key in shaping the final form of their work. We talk to Kelly Anna about hers.

Inspiration — 3 years ago

Print to Screen: Celebrating 10 Years of Nobrow Magazine

Over the last ten years, illustration has gained ever greater cultural currency. As well as taking advantage of new online platforms, artists have shown they're capable of more than 'just' commercial commissions – as Jean Jullien's stratospherically popular Peace for Paris symbol proves. And that is, in part, thanks to independent publisher Nobrow. Set up in 2008 as a small press, Nobrow did something few others were doing at the time and put illustration at the forefront of its books and magazines.

Insights — 4 years ago

Never Not Working: Josh Saunders on the Importance of Process

After getting to know Josh, we weren’t content to leave it there. We had to understand the thinking behind his process more clearly, and look to tease out the lessons from his work ethic; lessons we hope will inspire and motivate others on their own creative journeys.

Insights — 4 years ago

Joy Miessi On Making Wearable Art

We sat down with Joy, on the eve of her first solo-exhibition, with a keen interest in understanding how she approached the brief, and in finding out what tips she has for other young artists.

Insights — 4 years ago