How We Curated 2022’s Artist To Watch

To delve into the process behind curating ATW, we sat down with Nick Law and Alexa Meffe, the sector lead and senior partnerships manager respectively, of our creatives team.

Insights — 2 weeks ago

Introducing Our 2022 Artists To Watch

With Ben Zerbo, Claire Milbrath, Grace Kao, Job Wouters, Meech Boakye, Romina Malta, Tynan Collins, Inessa Dobbelaere, Jordi Ng, Muddycap, Chinaza Agbor, Enikő Katalin Eged, Firpal Jawanda, Hayley Dawn Muir and Manyaku Mashilo.

Insights — 2 weeks ago

On A Deadline

Rachel Denti, Zenon Records’ Tim Larner, Will Richards AKA ILLWOOKIE and Adam Stewart, of Green Man Festival share their thoughts on deadlines. 

Insights — 1 month ago

Notes On Type

All things typography with Rachel Denti, Cihan Tamti, Tré Seals, Ricardo Ferraro and the teams behind Blaze Type and Swiss Typefaces. 

Insights — 5 months ago

Do You Need Social Media?

We're delving into the value of a social media presence, and how to create one on your terms. Alison Rachel, Anna Ginsburg and Michael Wilkin share their insights.

Insights — 2 years ago

Everpress Meets: Type in Focus

Our talk series Everpress Meets sees us invite creatives to HQ to discuss their work. This time round, we sat down with Anthony Burrill, Amber Weaver and Fraser Muggeridge to talk typography.

Insights — 2 years ago

Spotlight: Indonesia

We've noticed Everpress has taken off in Indonesia, so we spoke to Lazar Ghul, Roovie, Arindra Prakoso and Lutfi Ardiansyah to find out what makes the country unique.

Insights — 2 years ago