Weekly Roundup 11

Weekly Roundup 11 — Too Much Pressure Club

Happy September! We're starting this month strong with a load of amazing new designs to the site from the likes of Rob Soul, Benedikt Luft and Killer Acid to name just a few. Scroll down for some of our favourites.

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DO!! YOU!!!


If Charlie Bones's DO!!YOU!!! breakfast show on NTS isn't the soundtrack to your morning then you're doing something wrong. Tune in and don the tee for maximum fanboy enjoyment. Grab their flash sale tee here - available for just 48hrs! You don't want to miss out do you?

Killer Acid


Profits from this tee go to the American Civil Liberties Union, protecting free speech and the rights of all Americans. Double win!

Joe Hodgkin


No-one likes people with closed minds. Slick front and back design on this one and you can't argue with those colours.

Jack Mears


"A group of dogs killing it at the disco. Inspired by Matisse's La Danse." Enough said. Thanks Jack.

Too Much Pressure Club


Ever have those days when you're trying your best but you just feel like a python is biting your face off? Yea, thought so. This one's for you.

Benedikt Luft


Staring at a computer all day is boring and bad for your health. Benedikt's tee and advice is exciting and good for your health (maybe). Step outside and feel the real world. Trust us, you'll enjoy it.

Jack Taylor


We're guessing Jack wants you to wear this to meetings when you really can't be bothered but you want to be subtle about it, or you're German. "Many thanks and goodbye".

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