Weekly Roundup 09

Weekly Roundup 09 — Dunge, Joe Cummins

Like nice stuff? Us too! So we've compiled a list of our 5 fave bits on the site this week and we thought we'd share them with you, 'cause we're nice like that. Enjoy.

Think there's something we should be shouting about - an exhibition, show or hot new designer? Let us know!

Studio Feixen


Fresh in from Swiss design studio, Studio Feixen. Their new tee is actually an unreleased design from their archives, originally intended for the super cool Korean Fashion label Cy Choi. It's only available for a couple of weeks, so get it now before you forget.



You know the drill by now with Ratbrain's tees - they're here and then they're gone in a hot second. So if you're feelin' the new LIFE/DEATH design add it to your basket now.

Joe Cummins


Berlin based, multidisciplinary artist Joe Cummins is "promoting equality for all" with his COEXIST design - and who doesn't want that? £5 from each tee goes directly to Black Lives Matter. To peep more of Joe's work just head to his website.

Firehouse Recordings


Back by popular demand! The effortlessly cool Kim Ann Foxman a.k.a Firehouse Recordings has done you a solid and brought their classic logo tee back to life. Now also available in long sleeve for those cold days around the corner. You know what to do.



If you don't know the PAQ series on Kyra.tv then you better open up a new tab asap and get to know. They're THE channel you want to be hitting up if you're into sick streetwear. Cop their latest line of tees here.

No Upfront Costs!


Did you know there's absolutely no upfront costs to launch merch with us? We print and post the exact amount of items you sell then just send you the ££ once everything's wrapped up. Super easy and there's no waste either. What are you waiting for? Get started here.

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