Weekly Roundup 01

Weekly Roundup 01 — Elevator Teeth

There's a little over one week remaining to get your hands on May's limited edition collection. Scroll down to see five designs you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Patrick Schmidt


—Patrick Schmidt

Be it a t-shirt, a pin, a skateboard deck (which we’re massively crushing on) or just a straight up printed poster, it seems that there ain't nothing that Patrick Schmidt can’t apply his illustrations to and amp up to the next level.


—Patrick Schmidt, Limited Edition Everpress T-Shirt

Rumour has it that Patrick has joined forces with Weirdo Clan for a special co-lab. Keep an eye on their IG pages for sneak peaks.

Swipe Patrick’s tee here.

Elevator Teeth


—Elevator Teeth, No Walls

If you follow us on Twitter (@everpresshq) you’ll see we’re big fans of Elevator Teeth’s kooky prints and are 4eva borrowing them for “Monday Mood” tweets and the like. His new tee delves into the “inner world”.


—Elevator Teeth, Limited Edition Everpress T-Shirt

Snap one up here.

Weirdo Clan


—Weirdo Clan, Stickers

We can’t get enough of the screenprint masters, Weirdo Clan. Their new design is a perfect follow up to the Let’s Get Weird tee they designed for 50/50.


—Weirdo Clan, Limited Edition Everpress T-Shirt

Pick one up here.

Kyle Platts


—Kyle Platts for The New York Times

Another member of the 50/50 posse but we couldn’t not shout about Kyle Platts perfect new design. We caught up with him a few weeks ago during his exhibition Wieden & Kennedy and are looking forward to seeing more amazing stuff from him this year.


—Kyle Platts, Limited Edition Everpress T-Shirt

Shop Kyle’s tee here.

Tim Easley


—Tim Easley, Food Wallpaper

We dare anyone to not feel immediately happy when looking at Tim’s cheeky illustrations. His brand new tee sums up our end-of-the-work-day #FridayFeeling to a t.


—Tim Easley, Limited Edition Everpress T-Shirt

.Bounce on over to buy Tim’s tee here.

You can shop the latest live campaigns including the above designs over on our shop page right now, but don’t hang about - they’re ending super soon.

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