Designer Profile - Hattie Stewart

Designer Profile - Hattie Stewart — Hattie Stewart Studio, photography by Cressie Taormina

We popped round to Hattie Stewart's technicoloured studio for a brew, a chat about what launched her career, her favourite collabs and her dream project of a cock 'n' ball jungle gym for grown-ups. Scroll down for all the goss.

Hey Hattie, tell us about what kickstarted your illustration career.

I was quite fortunate in first year of uni. My sister was working at Luella at the time and they brought me in to do some illustrations for Valentine's day - a slime monster and a drippy heart. I continued doing bits and pieces for them whilst I was at university, which was such an amazing experience to have alongside my course. After that it was a case of balancing trying to make money with trying to do what I actually wanted to do. It was my obsession with illustrating magazine covers that really pushed things to the next level in terms of exposure and opportunities.


—Hattie Stewart For Luella

Where did the magazine cover “obsession” come from.

I was working in this bar in Brick Lane and there was a picture of Lily Allen on the wall. I just literally took it down and started mindlessly doodling over it and thought “that looks pretty sick”, so I took it home. I was already using Posca markers at the time and I had stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines from when I was younger which were the perfect thing to draw over. They were all magazines that I loved but I didn’t necessarily 'see myself' in them and they never featured any illustration so I guess you could say that in my own way forced myself to be part of the magazines by drawing over them. As soon as I started posting them online people really started to respond to them.