Everpress Takeover: Barcelona

To mark the launch of our Barcelona Takeover, we spoke to four of the city's creatives – Carla Gal, Kim Van Vuuren, Ezequiel Pini, of contemporary design studio Six N. Five, and Jor Ros – to find out what makes Barcelona unique.

News — 3 weeks ago

Process: Alexandra Cook

Alexandra Cook takes inspiration from Kawaii culture, street style and nostalgia for her eclectic range of illustrations, jewellery and more. We caught up with her in her flat/studio for a chat about her influences, inspiration, and toy collection.

News — 3 weeks ago

Why Fashion Can’t Stop Envisioning The Future

From London-based Xander Zhou's Twilight Zone-inspired AW collection to Marinne Serre's examinations of a post-apolocalyptic future in Paris, Morna Fraser looks at how fashion's most compelling emerging designers are putting the future at the foreground of their work.

News — 4 weeks ago

A Change of Kit: WWC2019

The brainchild of Amy Tibbles, Adam-Morton Delaney, Charlie Jeffries and Scarlett Chetwin, A Change of Kit is the initiative launched to celebrate the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

News — 5 months ago

Process: Joy Miessi

We discuss the books, paintings and poetry that influence Joy’s creative process as they release their first curated collection of T-shirts featuring Liam Cobb, Joey Yu, Olivia Twist, Hannah Hill, Catherine Morton-Abuah, Ines J, NoiamReiss and Megan Bell Lucki.

News — 7 months ago

Process: HEY Studio

Ahead of International Women's Day, HEY Studio's founder and creative director, Verònica Fuerte talks us through her creative process.

Insights — 8 months ago

Tormentalism: Kom Tillbaka’s Visual Art Explained

To be unique in a world that's saturated with amazing visuals is no easy feat. Somehow, though, Swedish visual artist Kom Tillbaka has found a way to navigate the world of graphic and visual art with seeming ease - maintaining a unique flavour from day one.

Insights — 1 year ago

Joy Miessi On Making Wearable Art

We sat down with Joy, on the eve of her first solo-exhibition, with a keen interest in understanding how she approached the brief, and in finding out what tips she has for other young artists.

Insights — 1 year ago

50/50: Everpress x Amnesty International

“There has never been a more important time to speak up for freedom of expression” says Kerry Moscogiuri, Campaigns and Communications Director at Amnesty International.

News — 1 year ago

Introducing 50/50

50 Incredible designers, 50 limited edition T-shirts, raising money for UK charity Trekstock.

News — 3 years ago