Insights — 5 days ago

Joy Miessi On Making Wearable Art

Rising London based artist Joy Miessi has joined forces with 50 leading artists in response to a single, uniform brief; to design a T-shirt that promotes discussion around a single, important topic – censorship. We sat down with Joy, on the eve of her first solo-exhibition, to chat about her involvement 50/50, with a keen interest in understanding how she approached the brief, and in digging deeper into the lessons other young artists can learn from Joy's work.

Censorship vs the Female Body with Jess Cochrane

It’s safe to say that “self-love” and “body-positivity” have become buzz-terms in recent years – with many big brands trying to tap into these safe spaces – but Jess Cochrane is the Australian visual artist authentically championing both through her work. We hit up Jess ahead of our 50/50 project with Amnesty International to talk creative process, censorship, and challenging the status quo.

Insights — 2 weeks ago

8 Pieces of Classic Graphic Design from the UK Club Scene

New Kickstarter-funded book Clubbed plans to explore the rich visual history of UK club culture – everything from logos and lanyards to fonts and flyers. We talk with the man behind the book - designer Rick Banks - who tells the story behind eight of his favourite examples.

Inspiration — 4 months ago