Interviews — 6 days ago

How To Manage Your Money

Our How To series has seen us look at getting your first commission, handling creative compromise and working from home. This time round, María Medem, Noah Baker, and Nicholas Law tell us how they manage their money. 

Visibility with Baadnews

Ahead of our 50/50 project, we hit up Baadnews to talk about the relationship between design and music, visibility, and his creative process.

Interviews — 2 months ago

Visibility with Trippin’s Kesang Ball

Starting out as a Facebook group that evolved into, first an app, then a media platform, in every guise Trippin has served as a community for young creatives bonded by their love of travel. Ahead of our 50/50 project, we hit up with one third of the trio, Kesang, to talk about the journey to launching Trippin’, inclusivity, and visibility. 

Interviews — 2 months ago

Ana Brankovic’s Hyperlocal Design Ethos

Bosnia and Hercegowina born, Basel-based and raised digital native Ana Brankovic on learning by making mistakes, why her immediate surroundings inspire her, and the worst advice she's been given.

Interviews — 5 months ago

Charlotte Chauvin: Illustrating the 5 Senses

After responding to our "5 Senses" brief with her first collection of T-shirts, we spoke to French illustrator Charlotte Chauvin to discuss how her intimate drawings became an exploration of love, relationships, erotica, distance and solitude.

Interviews — 7 months ago

Pot Dealing With Emma Low

Ahead of International Women's day, we caught up with Leeds-based artist Emma Low to discuss ex-boyfriends, masturbation and her pot dealing empire.

Interviews — 8 months ago

Beyond The Digital Realm with Brodie Kaman

Since he first embarked on making flyers and posters for local bands, Perth-born, Berlin-based freelance graphic designer Brodie Kaman has been cultivating a distinct style; heavily distressed, experimental graphics contrasted with fine details and fleshed-out concepts that present a layered visual feast for the observer.

Interviews — 9 months ago

Grace Miceli: Self-Expression as Art

We talk with Brooklyn based artist Grace Miceli aka Art Baby - the creative talent making a mark with her powerful and profound statements on key contemporary issues, cleverly masquerading as cute and colourful illustrations.

Interviews — 1 year ago