The 2 Bears x Everpress

The 2 Bears x Everpress


Nathan Thursting is owner of Alt Management, whose roster of music artists and DJ’s includes The 2 Bears, AudioFly and Better Lost Than Stupid.

Found fulfilling merch orders the traditional way far too time consuming

Nathan explained, “As an order came in we used to stick it in an envelop one by one, we had work experience kids doing this - it was too much hassle.

Switched to Everpress

It was really easy to get started and there are no set up costs which means you can quickly come up with creative ideas & put them into practice – without having to invest a few hundred for tees which are sitting in a box in an office.

Everpress gave them an opportunity to sell merch out of big campaign cycles

It was a really simple proposition for us: Do you want to do some merch? Have you got a good idea? If you do, send it over to me we’ll set it up for you - sell 5 or more and we’re in business and you’re in profit.

The team promoted their Everpress campaign in a number of creative ways using funny social posts, GIF’s and boosting Facebook posts which had a high engagement and increased sales conversions.

— The 2 Bears sweatshirt campaign was screen printed using glow in the dark ink

They plan to continue using Everpress across their roster, with the second in a series of 2 Bears sweatshirts out this week and Nathan explained, “We’re going to keep doing the campaigns for different DJ’s, to keep building it and use Everpress to tie in with forthcoming event dates.

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